What to do with big slicing cucumbers (it’s not what you think)

There are a few varieties of cucumbers out there, and it’s good to know what to do with each one, to bring out the best in each variety. 

Kirby cucumbers are great for pickling. 

Some cucumbers are great for pickling. Notable among them are kirbies and gherkins (cornichons). They come in various sizes, have a bumpy skin, and have more girth than length.

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Starting from scratch

I know I’ve often said there are no wrong answers, but that does not mean there are no rules; that is to say, sometimes there is only one right answer, and that is: from scratch.

It is fall; Thanksgiving is approaching. You have so many choices in this world, so remember—a constraint is a beautiful thing. Here is your constraint: do it from scratch

How do I make an apple pie?

From scratch.

How do I make a pumpkin bisque?

From scratch.

How do I put gratitude in my life?

Start from scratch. 

Sometimes the simplest answer is the most satisfying.