Arab Israeli Salad Recipe

This is a continuation of my first post, whereupon I received numerous requests for an actual recipe. So, while there are no wrong answers and you can literally do whatever you want, here is the recipe I crafted for making my favorite version of this simple, healthy, delightful food.



Persian cucumbers
Campari tomatoes
Purple onion
Olive oil
Sea salt
Black pepper
Pickled labneh*


Start by slicing the cucumbers. I like to slice the cucumbers in half and then slicing them into thin wedges, like half moons. Don’t ask me why I like it this way. I grew up on salads that were diced so small they could be used as salsa. I find that Persian cucumbers (and certain Japanese cucumbers) that are small and crunchy make the best salad when sliced in this fashion. If you’re using a bigger cucumber, like English cucumbers, you’ll want to slice them few more times vertically before you slice them horizontally so as to end up with bite sized pieces.

Arab Israeli Salad - Persian Cucumbers 1 Arab Israeli Salad - Persian Cucumbers 2

Arab Israeli Salad - Persian Cucumbers 3 Arab Israeli Salad - Persian Cucumbers 4

Next come the tomatoes and parsley. I like to use small tomatoes so I can achieve the same satisfaction as I do with the cucumbers: small, equally sized pieces. These campari tomatoes are about the size of a golf ball, and they slice perfectly into four wedges. Slicing them any further will result in a sloppy mess of juice and seeds. I also like to use cherry and grape tomatoes, and slice them in halves. If you are using bigger tomatoes such as beefsteak or heirloom tomatoes, slice them into quarters, and then slice those wedges into thirds. Then, wash the parsley (flat or curly) and separate the leaves from the stalks. I don’t like to chop parsley as I find the leaves to be a great size for salad, and I like to chew on the stalks while I’m cooking.

Arab Israeli Salad - Campari Tomatoes 1 Arab Israeli Salad - Campari Tomatoes 2

Arab Israeli Salad - Parsley 1 Arab Israeli Salad - Parsley 2

Now chop some purple onion. I learned a cool trick from my uncle: slice the onion in half along the root, then slice lines across it along the side perpendicular to the root. Then shift it 90º and slice it again. The edge of the root will hold it all together.

Arab Israeli Salad - Onion 1 Arab Israeli Salad - Onion 4

Your salad is nearly ready! Add a ball of pickled labneh to the mix. Now squeeze a healthy amount of lemon and add about a tablespoon of olive oil, sprinkle a bit of sea salt and crack some fresh black pepper. Bon apetit!


*You can substitute pickled labneh with crumbled feta, queso fresco, or any other hard white crumbly cheese.

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