Invincible Yogurt Parfait

I’ve been starting my days with this delicious powerhouse of nutrition, and I wanted to share it with y’all because it’s so simple and so good. 

This parfait is made of a layer of chia seeds, yogurt, fruits, and nuts. You may have noticed chia seed puddings popping up in places. This little trick will teach you how to make the most delicious chia seed pudding in under a minute (and lets be honest, they are not always so appetizing). 

Chia Pudding Base

All it takes is two ingredients: chia seeds and apple juice. I use 3 tablespoons of chia to 1 cup of juice. Of course you can use any kind of juice, and you can also use water. Chia is the seed of a sage plant (in the mint family) but they are almost entirely tasteless and odorless. Chia seeds will immediately start absorbing moisture, so to prevent clumping, you want to add the juice and stir for 30 seconds. I use a little rubber spatula to scrape the bowl’s sides and make a uniformly textured pudding. Chia can absorb more water. Play around with it until you get the consistency you like. 

Adding Delicious Layers

Once I have my chia seed base, I add some greek yogurt, nuts, and berries. In this example I used blueberries, raspberries, raw cashews, and raw walnuts. I did not use any additional sweeteners (I don’t think it needs it). You can add a touch of grated ginger or fresh mint for a little extra sumpin’.

Why This Breakfast Rules

We often forget to eat a good breakfast. Many of us don’t quite know how. We get so many mixed signals. And most of us make the mistake of loading up on sugar and caffeine as soon as our bodies wake up (and I say this as a big big coffee lover). This meal is loaded with fiber and protein and everything you need to start the day. Try it and feel the difference! Also, have you tried salad for breakfast? It rules. 

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