It’s never as good the second time

The perfect treat. In my case it was a perfect cheese danish. The kind it took 32 years to find. The kind where you don’t know where the dough ends or where cheese begins. 

It’s warm, and squishy. You don’t know where it’s been your whole life, but it wasn’t here, like it is, right now. 

So fucking good you’ll be thinking about it all day. 

Today turns into tomorrow. And then, you race back to the same place where you found it yesterday, and you get the same thing you did yesterday, a cheese danish and a hot coffee, and you anticipate that first bite and hope to recreate that perfect joy you felt yesterday, but today is another day, and even the mood was a little bit different this morning, and the clouds were a little bit different this morning, and your walk down the street and the way you said goodbye were a little bit different this morning, and you bite into it and it’s not quite as good as you remember it the first time.

Stop chasing the dragon. Write a new story today. 

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