How to cook with garlic to make your life easier

#1: Never “peel” garlic. It is a laborious, thankless task. To separate the garlic from the skin, the easiest way I’ve found that doesn’t sacrifice the essence of the garlic is to trim the rough edge of the garlic with a sharp knife and then place the clove under the flat side of a big knife and press down. This crushes the garlic in a second and you can remove the flesh from the skin. You can then mince the garlic, if the recipe requires it, or leave it in crude, naked pieces, which works great for many recipes, especially if you are using a food processor later anyway.

You can also put your garlic in a mason jar and shake it like Charmaine. Yaaas!

#2: When you’re done handling garlic, rub a few drops of lemon juice on your fingers to get the garlic smell off.