Have your garnish and eat it too

Parsley is not merely a garnish!

No, no! It is not a mere accoutrement as it is often relegated to being! It is a crisp, delicious herb with tons of flavor and immunity benefits to boot. I eat parsley as is, raw, and I love it. I admit it tastes a bit weird on its own, a bit like soap or grass, and people gaze at me oddly as I graze. Alas, I digress. My point is that if parsley is a mere garnish in your eyes, just that thing that they sprinkle on your plate at certain restaurants to make your plate of meat look less brown or beige, then you are missing out on some of its incredible utilities. Add it to salad. Chop it up finely and use it to liven up your meatballs. And, yes, at times, use it as garnish to liven up a dish. But when you do, eat it too! It actually does wonders for cleansing your palette (and it makes your breath smell nice and fresh).

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