How to toast pine nuts to perfection

Arguably one of the tastiest little fuckers that mother nature ever invented, pine nuts are absolutely tantalizing when toasted to a medium golden brown and added to literally anything. And they ain’t cheap, so don’t burn them trying this. 

For the next 4 minutes, your entire life is about toasting pine nuts. It requires all of you. Place the pine nuts in a cast iron or all-clad pan. place on medium heat. Move the pan around constantly. Do not set it down; they will burn almost immediately. Do this for 4 minutes. Use a wooden spoon to stir them around while also moving the pan in circles over the flame. Aim to get all of them evenly toasty and brown. Remove from heat and toss in a bit of sea salt. After they’ve cooled, sprinkle a bit of paprika. Add as a garnish to soups, on bean dips, or in salads. 

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