Nettles for Allergy Season

This time of year can be rough on the senses. Itchy eyes, runny nose, dry mouth, but you’re pretty sure you’re not sick… There are a few ways to get through this. Sure, pharmaceutical options like zyrtec and claritin have their merits, blocking histamines that cause these annoying symptoms. I’ve found a better approach using plant medicine. In particular, for seasonal allergies and hay fever, a strong infusion of nettles and some raw, local honey does the trick. 

Infuse your nettles in a glass pot with hot water and let them steep for a long time. Minimum 10 minutes, but better if you can leave them for a few hours. Add raw, local honey and drink the brew as often as needed. Why raw and local honey? Most allergies are triggered by airborne irritants of various origins, but many of these irritants come from nearby flora. Flower and tree pollen, mold spores, etc. Raw honey is more effective in supporting immune function because it has bioactive compounds that have not been killed by heat. Local honey is more effective in fighting irritants because bees produce honey with those elements in their diet. I don’t understand the magic of the bee kingdom but I can say very confidently that something about the process of an allergen going through the gut of a honey bee makes it an antidote to that allergen in humans. It’s magic, pretty much.

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