Who is Soul Food Realness?

Soul Food Realness was born out of a wish to talk about food, explore the connection between our emotions and what we eat, our memories that surround certain dishes, and the idea that food can convey love.

Why do we eat?
How do we express love?
What does it mean to be healthy? 


How to throw an epic feast? 
What is the best way to cook an eggplant? 
When is the best time to buy peaches? 

Those are just some of the questions that form the basis of this exploration.

I’ve been cooking since I can remember myself. Part of it is an endless curiosity about the natural world, a world that so generously provides us with an infinite array of crayons to play with. But another part of it is a curiosity about the language that we create by offering food to one another.

It is a language of love.

This blog is evolving. Here is a blueprint:

Recipes. I have hundreds of original recipes to share; recipes that highlight our vast richness and the incredible privilege that comes with being able and free to choose what we put in our bodies. If you have that ability and that freedom, you are lucky. Embrace it. Then share it with others.

Short stories. I am very lucky to have many positive memories and musings to share about food, love, and health. This wisdom owes a huge gratitude to family members, mentors, and ancestors. Recipes and wisdom are heirlooms, and are more precious than gold. Interviews with interesting people will be featured here.

Tips. These are bite-sized morsels—pearls of wisdom, if you will—about plant medicine or culinary technique I have collected from different people in different places over the years.  😃

I hope you enjoy. This is a gift from the heart. ❤️

Bon appétit!

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